Bridled Dance is a one-take video, which is part of an ongoing series. Within this series, we create choreography inspired by traditional Filipinx dances that involve objects. The objects become performative sculptural props that are meant to hinder and inform our movements.

This particular piece is based on a graceful floral garland dance, called "Bulaklakan", celebrated during May in the Philippines during a religious celebration. The objects are altered by making them primarily out of cement to challenge and weigh down our movements. The dance was further transformed in the rough terrain of the lava fields of Eugene, Oregon. We are exploring the implications of cultural traditions that are complicated in a post-colonial context. The dance is meant to confront cultural expectation and exploitation of how bodies perform in space.

Bridled Dance

One-take video; cement on faux flowers and plastic
5:40 single-channel; 40" x 24" x 7" each (non extant)