Keeping it in the Family is centered on the idea of family situations and abstracted through movements in a timeframe of 24 hours. We performed different tasks and situations non-stop for 24 hours in the two-level space at the Glasshouse. The whole day was divided into four sections: Family Feast (6p-1a), Family Everyday (1a-7a), Death (7a-9a), and Rebirth (9a-6p).

We conflated our heritage, upbringing, gender, sexuality and obsessive impulses by stretching the limits of familial ties. Throughout the day one is enveloped in the messiness of being in a family as we create situations that are confrontational, intense, sexual, dismal, playful, banal, and, celebratory.

Download script here.

Keeping it in the Family

24 hr performance
Photo credits: David Connolly, AM DeBrincat, Eyal Perry, and Caitlin Turski
Video credits: Maricruz Alarcón, Grace Hong, and Eyal Perry
With Michael Watson